Important Items You Need for Window Cleaning

Regardless if you’re one of the expert window cleaners or property owners who are looking for ways to clean your windows all by yourself, several tools can help your window cleaning job quite easier. In this article, we will discuss the 5 most vital items to use for a more effective window cleaning according to the window cleaners in Beaverton. 


Liquid soap is extremely essential, which is intended to clean the window. It doesn’t matter if you utilize a solution from all over your home (dishwashing soap works well for window cleaning especially if used with a squeegee and a washer) or a window soap accessible from commercial stores, guarantee that you take note of your soap to water ratio. 

More isn’t always more suitable

Keep in mind that too little soap will be more likely to dry faster on the window and would lower your solution’s cleaning power. However, excessive soap can leave streaks beneath the window due to an overabundance of suds. A graduated dispenser that pre-measures can assist you to mix your soap while making sure that it’s always consistent. 


The cleaning bucket serves 2 purposes: (1) To hold the soap as you clean your windows. (2) To store your window cleaning tools if they aren’t in use. Most of the time, window cleaning buckets are rectangular, which is intended to fit your washer’s entire length better so you get soap on the entire length simultaneously. 


In terms of the window cleaning arsenal, the squeegee is one of its vital components. With this tool, you can eliminate all of the grimy water that can leave you sparkling, dry, and clean windows. The technique is an essential part of cleaning a window through squeegeeing. However, it takes some practice to get used to it. Squeegees are comprised of 2 parts—the squeegee handle and the squeegee channel—and they come in extensive options as well. 

Handles are available in different types, such as zero-degree, ergonomic, swivel, and solid. While channels come in a few various styles as well, like wide aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Selecting the best combination of handle and channel for you will greatly depend on your needs and preference. 


A washer is made up of a T-bar and a fabric sleeve. This is the tool that helps scrub off the dirt found on a window, especially if you use it with your soap solution. Washers are available in different styles. Others are microfiber, while some are regular fabric. Some have more scrubbing ability as well. Whatever washer you use, it’s vital to scrub and wet the whole window and keep it wet to remove the squeegee. Depending on your preference and needs, the washer T-bars can be purchased in swivel handles or solid handles. 


Towels can help you to touch-up any remaining wet spots after you squeegee your windows, especially on the window sill and around the edges. The last thing you want to have after all your efforts would be getting drip marks and using the right kind of towel is vital as well.  

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