Ways to Deal with Anger 

We often experience things that make us angry, sometimes in the place or time that we don’t expect or something from work or in the parking lot and sometimes coming home seeing your pet eat your precious couch, and each of you has a way of dealing your anger. Most of the people become impulsive when they are angry and sometimes, anger could be hard to control and this sometimes leads to depression in the long run if not expressed or managed properly. Having anger issues is not healthy for you and the people around you so knowing how to deal with anger might help in dealing with it.  

Distract Yourself 

One way of dealing with anger is to have your attention focus on something else when you are about to get angry. When you’re angry, you can’t think well which sometimes makes the situation worst and over thinking about the situation makes it longer for you to cool down. So, avoid making decisions while your thoughts are not clear enough. Some ways like your hobbies, music or anything that makes you feel relaxed and happy can help you in distracting yourself from becoming angry. Sometimes it’s best to use humor to release tension in dealing with anger.  

Get Some Rest 

Another way to deal with anger is to have some rest. In this way, your mind can have a rest to in thinking about the reason for something that triggers your anger. Sometimes having a lack of rest or sleep especially if you are tired also affect your mood and becomes and much faster.  Sometimes, even just a few moments of a quiet time could help you feel better.   

Go Out and Breathe 

It’s a good way to have your relaxation skills be practiced sometimes. Controlling your breathing might help in keeping your heartbeat at low rate. If you think you are at the point of getting angry, start taking slow but deep breathing and try yourself to relax. Try to go out for a walk and have some fun, enjoy the fresh air outside, have some physical activity, it can reduce stress 

Re-assess your Anger 

Having a relaxed mind greatly helps in controlling your anger. Take some time to think of what had happened and what did you feel that way, allow also those involved to do the same. Identify your problems to resolve the issues 


Express your anger 

As soon as you can clearly think, express your anger in a proper way and in a proper place without hurting others. Anger room is a popular method to let your anger all out without breaking up your place. 

You can do the anger release charlotte with yourself alone or with your friends releasing all the negativity and leaving it after with the broken stuff in the room. This also might bring closure for you and the person involved if you two would smash together. After the anger is released, forgive. 

Learning how to control your anger is a lot of challenge to everyone, if these tips won’t help, seeks help from professionals that deal with anger issues if you think your anger issues can’t be controlled to avoid things you might regret. 

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